Residential Services

GTS Tree Logistics Domestic - for when you need a tree removed, shaped, pruned or just a good old bit of advice.

Tree Removal

When a tree becomes too big for a property, or is in danger of falling because of disease, age or damage, full tree removal may be the safe solution.  However, by the time a tree becomes a hazard it usually has other structures like houses, roads, powerlines in close proximity and safe removal will require a great deal of skill.

GTS Tree Logistics has the skill and expertise to remove any size tree from any situation, and has been doing so for Councils, landowners, property developers and powerline networks for more than 20 years. 

Our team of highly experienced arborists are all trained in modern techniques and have the best equipment to tackle the job safely and without causing damage to the surrounding infrastructure.

When the tree is safely on the ground we will bring in our chippers and reduce all of the debris to mulch, which we then remove from site. We can also remove stumps quickly and efficiently.

Tree Pruning

There are many reasons for pruning a tree, and many ways of going about it.  You may wish to let in more sunlight, improve your view, remove a dangerous branch or improve the health and aesthetic value of your trees.

Long gone are the days of “Tree Loppers”; if you want to achieve the best results, you will need to use a contractor with qualified and experienced staff who are trained in current methods.

 GTS Tree Logistics arborists are trained professionals and completely up-to-date with modern arboricultural practices. They use the most suitable tools and machinery for the job, and all work is carried out to Australian Standard AS 4373-2007 for pruning of amenity trees.

Our arborists have the knowledge and skill to perform technical pruning techniques, such as crown reductions and pruning to improve structural integrity. 

Using modern climbing techniques, our arborists can access trouble spots in the tree canopy and remove only those branches necessary, without damaging surrounding branches, buildings or property.

Arboricultural Consultancy

Arboricultural Consultancy is a process of promoting management of trees. Our Qualified team will asses the trees health and structure and develop a management plan to reduce risk to the community and asset. 

We conduct Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) methods that are used throughout the world by professional Arborist. 

The VTA system is based on the theory of tree biology, physiology and tree architecture and structure and is a method used to identify visible signs on trees that indicate health and potential hazards.

GTS Tree Logistics has provided Arboricultural Consultancy to Numerous Government clients and Corporate entities over the last eight years. 

Lopping and Topping

GTS Tree Logistics are about managing your trees to Australian Standards AS 4373-1996 not about Tree Lopping

Lopping and topping causes undue stress to trees and shrubs encouraging resultant primary and secondary pathogens (wood rot fungi and boring insects, termites, weevils etc) onto your property starting a vicious cycle of die-back, epicormic shoots (weak lush shoots targeted by attacking insects).

  • We pride ourselves on applying the latest pruning techniques to make your tree safe and athletically pleasing.
  • Tree removals, specialising in safely dismantling difficult and dangerous trees.

Call us on 0411890036 to arrange a free visit by one of our experienced team members – they will assess your situation, make recommendations and provide a competitive Quotation.